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Herbal Product
Follwoing is the showcase of products used to maintain healthy hairs in a natural way.
Herbal Heena Powder
Product Appearance and Description
Herbal Henna is timetested ancient Indian therapy, acts as natural hair conditioner that adds beauty, body & bounce to the hair leaving it supple, shiny and easy to manage.
Soak Ganpatjee Hearbal Henne powder in water to make paste preferably in an iron container for 8 to 10 hours.
Apply evenly taking small sections of hair at a time and combthrough. Wait for minimum 2hrs, if a deeper dark brown tint is required otherwise 1hrs. if using as conditioner. Rinse thoroughly with water.

Ingredients: Mehndi, Amla, Katha, Shikakai, Fenugreek Seeds & Coffee.
Pack Size : 150g
Shikakai Mix Powder
Product Appearance and Description
Shikakai with Amla & Ritha is used for hair nourishment from time immemorial. Stregthen hairs leaving them soft, silky & lustrous. For best result soak GANPATJEE 'Shikakai Powder in warm water for 15 min. Apply to sections of hairs properly and rinse with water.
Ingredients:Shikakai, Amla & Ritha
Pack Size: 150g.
Amla Powder
Product Appearance and Description
Ganpatjee Amala Powder is prepared from best quality dried Amla fruit. Regular use strengthens & promotes hair growth and delays premature graying of hairs. Soak Ganpatjee Amla Powder in water, preferably in iron container for 15 Mins. Apply properly to sections of hairs and rinse.
Ingredients: Dried Amla
Pack Size : 150g
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