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Veg Delight Spices
Following is the showcase of products that are used to enhance the taste & flavour of all types of vegetarian dishes.:
 Garam Masala
“Ganpatjee Garam Masala” is a unique formulation of selected and finest quality spices. Makes your dishes hot, flavourful and aromatic. Cooked vegetables, pulses etc. seasoned with "Ganpatjee Garam Masala", taste savoury and delicious. Yields an authentic taste of Indian Cuisine.
Ingredients: • Cumin •Black Pepper •Cinnamon •Cardamon seeds •Cloves •Dry Ginger •Mace •Nutmeg •Bay leaf •Caraway •Green Cardamom.

Pack Size:
50g, 100g, 250g, 500g, 5kg.
 Pav Bahaji Masala
Fry Chopped Onions and Chopped Tomatoes in Butter. Add Ganpatjee PavBhaji Masala & salt to taste. Roast. Add boiled vegetables such as potatoes, green peas, cauliflower, carrot, capsicum, brinjal. Cook and mash for 2-3 minutes. Add a piece of butter. Garnish with corriander leaves & sliced green chillies. Serve with hot buttered Pav or Bread.

• Chillies •Coriander •Cumin •Dry Mango •Fennel Seed •Bay leaf •Black Pepper •Cinnamon •White Salt •Cardamom Seeds •Cloves •Anistar •Caraway •Turmeric

Pack Size:
20g, 50g, 100g, 5kg.
 Shahi Pulao Masala
Soak 1kg. rice for 30 minutes. Heat ghee in Kadai, Add 3 teaspoon shahi Pulao Masala & Soaked rice. Add salt to taste, water peas, vegetables as desired. cook till tender.

•Black cardmom •Black Pepper •Cumin •Caraway •Cloves •Green Cardamom • Red Chilly(P) •Cinnamon •Mint Leaves •Bay leaf• Nutmeg, Mace.

Pack Size:
 Chana Chhole Masala
“Ganpatjee Chana Chhole Masala” makes chana-chhole an appetising & savoury preparation. Soak 250gms of white chhole, boil & keep aside. Heat Ghee in a Kadhai, add chopped onions & fry till golden brown. Add 4 teaspoonful of Ganpatjee Chana Chhole Masala, fry till ghee separates (40-60 sec) Add boiled white chhole. Add salt to taste. Cook for 8-10 minutes. For an extra flavour mash & sprinkle "Ganpatjee Kasoori Methi" Leaves. Garnish with sliced Tomatoes, Chopped Corriander, Ginger & Green Chillies. Delicious and Flavourful Chana-Chhole dish is ready. Serve hot with deep fried bhaturas, Poories or Rice.
Ingredients: • Corriander • Pomegranate Seeds • white Salt •Cumin •Chillies •Dry Mango • Cinnamon • Cardamom Seeds • Cloves • Black pepper • Kasoori Methi • Dry Ginger • Bishopweed • Black Salt • Bay leaf • Mace • Nutmeg • Caraway • Elaichi Green.

Pack Size:
20g, 100g, 5kg.
Sambhar Masala
Cook 125 gms. (1cup) Arhar Dal.Heat vegetable Oil in Kadhai. Add Tamarind Juice & two sliced tomatoes. Add 2½ teaspoon of Ganpatjee Sambhar Masala & Salt to taste. Transfer pre-cooked dal with vegetables. Boil for 2-3 minutes. Add curry leaves & fried mustard seeds. Garnish with coriander leaves.
Ingredients: • Corriander • Chillies •Frenugreek •Cumin •Channa Dal •Urad Dal •Arhar Dal •Mustard •Poppy Seed • Black Pepper. • Turmeric • Cloves • Cinnamom •Asafoetida

Pack Size:
20g, 100g, 5kg
Kasoori Methi Leaves
Ganpatjee“ Kassori Methi Leaves” is thoroughly cleaned & Hygienically packed to retain its farm fresh flavour. For an extra taste blend with your dishes prepared. Soak the dry leaves for minimum 20 minutes before use. mash & sprinkle on dals, choole etc.
Ingredients: Dried Fenugreek leaves.
Pack Size:25g, 50g, 100g, 500g,
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